Our spy photographers caught this 2024 Honda Prologue prototype out for some testing recently. It's our very first look at the all-electric SUV after Honda released concept sketches of it earlier this year. While it might be covered up in camouflage, there are some key details to observe and we'll get into them here!

Chevy Blazer EV-Based?
Although we couldn’t see the Prologue prototype with any other vehicles to provide a direct size comparison, we believe there are some details to make a size—and platform—prediction. To our eyes, it appears that Honda’s Prologue EV will share key hard points with the Chevy Blazer EV. The span between the A- and C-pillars looks to be a match with Chevy’s electrified Blazer. The angle and shape of the triangular windows at both the front cowl, and at the rear-door cut-line look exactly the same as the Blazer EV. The conventional, protruding door handles also look identical to the Blazer EV, while images of the Chevy Equinox EV all show flush, retractable door handles. It seems highly suggestive that the Honda Prologue will share the basic footprint of the Chevy Blazer EV, with unique Honda styling inside and out, and unique tuning to accomplish Honda’s preferred mission for its EV variant.

Was The Prologue Teaser Sketch Accurate?
It certainly appears that Honda’s teaser sketch of the Prologue’s front-3/4 was highly representative of the final production design, although stylized a bit to hide certain production realities. The teaser shows an exaggerated sleekness, with overly flush glass, and nearly invisible pillars. The sketch does not show the quarter window at the base of the A-pillar. However, we do see key details that are a direct match on the front-fascia. The Prologue prototype is fitted with placeholder lighting, but it’s not hard to make out the sweep of the headlights and upper section, and the cut lines and surface development match the sketch very well. The lower front air-intake is also a direct match, with its horizontal slats and the square block that sits at the center of the opening. The side-window-profile and resulting C- and D-pillar interplay are also a visible match. Even the wheels on this prototype appear to share the same design as the wheels on the Prologue sketch.

Moving toward the profile, and rear views, we can now see the real-world silhouette and stance of the Prologue EV. The placeholder tail-lights give us a feel for the scope of the rear lighting, and we see the surface development on the tidy rear bumper and the low lift-over promised by the cut-line on the rear hatch. The rear glass is small—thanks to the rising waistline and slightly sloping roof line—and it’s framed in by a trim piece that leads into a tasteful roof spoiler. The backlight's rear wiper looks to be an identical part match with what’s found on the Blazer EV.

Powertrain Specs?
Assuming that we’re correct on the Prologue being heavily based on the Chevy Blazer EV, we can draw some conclusions about its possible range, power, and drive options. The Blazer EV will actually offer variants with FWD, RWD, or AWD, but it seems likely that the Prologue would forego the RWD option in its trim ranges. Base FWD Blazers offer 247 miles of range, but horsepower and torque figures are still unreleased. A larger battery offers up to 320 miles per charge for FWD or AWD variants. The Blazer SS EV offers a performance AWD system that reportedly makes 557 hp and 648 lb-ft of torque for sub 4.0-second 0-60 runs, which reportedly yields a 290-mile range. Whether Honda will get—or want—a performance-minded option for the Prologue is unknown at this time.

It seems safe to say that the Honda Prologue will be competitive—thanks to its joint-development deal with GM. GM’s aggressive moves into the EV space, and the promise of its Ultium battery packs, will help Honda get a quicker foothold into the electric vehicle market. Giving the timing of this prototype’s appearance, it would seem that the Honda Prologue is now on track for a late-2023 launch, although things could be pushed into early 2024, given the state of the world, and its never-ending supply-chain issues.
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