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Honda Execs Admit The Prologue Will Probably Drive Like GM EVs

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Honda CEO, President, and Executive Director Toshihiro Mibe and Senior Managing Executive Officer Shinji Aoyama revealed in a recent interview that the Prologue will likely have the same driving characteristics as the Chevrolet Blazer EV.

Speaking of the Prologue and GM’s own Ultium-based crossovers, Aoyama admitted that the behind-the-wheel experience would probably be similar.

“We are limited due to the base architecture,” he said. “To differentiate [them] in terms of performance will be difficult.”

Mibe agreed, pointing out that the performance of the Honda Prologue would probably mirror some GM crossovers – likely the Blazer EV – thanks to the shared platform and similar battery specifications. However, both Aoyama and Mibe were confident that the Prologue will still feel like a Honda in many of the ways that consumers will care about the most.

“The design – the top hat – is where we will make our differentiation,” Mibe said.
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My Bolt EV drives OK for a small car. It bobs a bit in the rear over some surfaces but the acceleration and general handling are good. I have to guess that the Honda engineers will be able to do at least some tuning to spring rates and shock tuning. Hopefully the base Blazer is a good platform to build from.
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Welcome to the forum. The Prologue and Blazer being SUVs will mean bigger wheels and tires which should really help in making it drive smoother. Are you considering any other new EVs to get next?
Thanks. I am replacing an Atlas next so I will look at the Equinox for price or the Prologue/Blazer if I decide I need more space. The Bolt replaced a Subaru Legacy with an oil leak (redundant I know) and I'll need AWD in whatever replaces the Atlas. I'm hopeful that the next few years usher in new SUV options that aren't priced like a Rivian or Tesla.

With the Bolt, it isn't the smoothness that I dislike its the rebound damping over bigger dips/rises that isn't as settled as I would like. Wheel size won't make a difference with that, only suspension design/tuning.
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