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Honda Execs Admit The Prologue Will Probably Drive Like GM EVs

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Honda CEO, President, and Executive Director Toshihiro Mibe and Senior Managing Executive Officer Shinji Aoyama revealed in a recent interview that the Prologue will likely have the same driving characteristics as the Chevrolet Blazer EV.

Speaking of the Prologue and GM’s own Ultium-based crossovers, Aoyama admitted that the behind-the-wheel experience would probably be similar.

“We are limited due to the base architecture,” he said. “To differentiate [them] in terms of performance will be difficult.”

Mibe agreed, pointing out that the performance of the Honda Prologue would probably mirror some GM crossovers – likely the Blazer EV – thanks to the shared platform and similar battery specifications. However, both Aoyama and Mibe were confident that the Prologue will still feel like a Honda in many of the ways that consumers will care about the most.

“The design – the top hat – is where we will make our differentiation,” Mibe said.
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Unsure how I feel about this. I’m buying a Honda because I want it to drive like a Honda. Then again, I’ve never drove a Honda EV before…
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