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This is how Honda and Sony's partnership will work

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If you're interested about Honda and Sony's recent EV partnership, this article from Wards Auto does a good job explaining it.

Sony will develop the platform and Honda will handle the manufacturing.

Sony Honda Mobility is expected to plan, design, develop and sell the EVs but not own or operate the manufacturing facilities, the company says. Instead, Honda will manufacture the first EV model at its plant and Sony will develop the mobility service platform for the new company.

A Sony spokesperson says the company is in the early stages of determining advanced driver-assistance systems features planned for its vehicles as well as the sensors and processors that will be used.

The companies’ talks date back to the summer of 2021, when Honda proposed meeting with Sony to consider the future of mobility. Soon after, members of both organizations held a joint workshop to begin discussions and exchange ideas.

After top management from both organizations met, the companies announced in March that they signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a joint venture company focused on creating a new era of mobility and mobility services.

Both companies bring a unique perspective to the table:

Honda will share its knowledge of the environment and safety as well as technologies, including dynamics and packaging hardware. It is also expected to provide expertise in procurement and production related to the vehicle creation process.

Sony’s initiatives, based on its vision to “make the mobility space an emotional one,” are centered around safety, entertainment and adaptability.

In terms of safety, the company will provide imaging devices and sensing technology, such as complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) image sensors. Regarding entertainment, Sony will offer content and services in addition to video and audio technology.

To ensure adaptability and work toward the evolution of entertainment and safety-related function, Sony will also share its knowledge of communication and network technology, including 5G and cloud services.
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